Following the ceasing of our operations
in the UK we have been working with

to provide a simple and robust solution for your
on-going requirements.

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What you can expect from WhereTheTradeBuys:

  • Expanded products and services
  • Rockstar loyalty programme
  • Price match guarantee

Detail on orders placed at CMYKhub

Don’t worry, all live orders will still be produced, delivered on schedule and will be invoiced as normal.

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Who are WhereTheTradeBuys

We are part of the Precision Printing Group, an award-winning multifaceted business.

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WhereTheTradeBuys are committed to maintaining the trust and confidence of our website visitors and feel transparency is the best policy. We therefore would like to take this opportunity to explain what data we already hold and the purpose of holding this data.

What we do hold Name, address, contact details and information on previous orders made.

Why we hold this We hold this based on a legitimate interest (Article 6, General Data Protection Regulation) as we aim to make your experience as frictionless as possible, reducing the amount of information you must provide to save you time. Also taking your previous order history into account allows us to tailor your online experience to show items you have a greater interest in. To align products to your requirement and replicate any credit facilities and terms, again saving you time and providing customised offers that actually appeal to the individual.

What we don’t hold We do not already hold or have access to any Bank account or Debit/Credit card details.

At WhereTheTradeBuys we are committed to upholding the highest standards of legal and ethical integrity, with one of our main priorities being customer data security. WhereTheTradeBuys maintain these standards by employment of a full time Data Protection Officer (DPO), the Data Protection Officer ensures, in an independent manner, that an organization applies the laws protecting individuals’ personal data and reports directly to the board of directors. We understand that your Data is very important to you and it is YOUR DATA so we have made every effort to make the process of Data removal (Right to Erasure) as easy as possible this can be done by contacting the Data Protection Officer below.

You can write to:
The Data Protection Officer
Unit 15, Thames Gateway Park
Chequers Lane

Or email –

More details of what to expect when we collect and process personal information along with security processes and your rights can be found in our Privacy Policy.