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Selecting the Right Colours

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CMYKhub Process Colour Finder

The Process Colour Finder is available to assist you in colour matching.
Below is a guide on how these charts can be used most effectively.

Selecting Colours

Select a colour from the guide that you wish to achieve in your printed material. Take note of the CMYK colour breakdown below the colour square and set up your artwork with the same CMYK breakdown in your design program.

Please ensure that you choose the colour from the Process Colour Finder that is printed on the same paper that you will be ordering, also make sure it has the same laminated finish (if required).
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Reference your Colour

Each colour has a “map reference” to make them easy to find. ie: C90 is a Bright Red (C0 M93 Y95 K0).

This “map reference” must be specified on your order to assist our production team in identifying the colour they need to match when printing.
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Colour Variations

Colour will vary during a print run and between each print run, while we make every effort to minimise colour variation there are many factors beyond our control that affect colour.

Variations in the paper making process, constraints of printing and even different temperatures can have an effect on the colour of your finished job.

However, when selecting a colour from the Process Colour Finder, make sure your print order specifies the “map reference” of that colour and that your artwork is set up to the same CMYK breakdown, you will have the best chance of obtaining a colour close to your target colour.

FREE Colour Guides are available to all registered account holders


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