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Design & Print Terms

CMYK4 Colour Process Printing (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black)
300dpiImage Resolution Measurement - best setting for high quality print
Embedded FontsFonts that are embedded while creating PDF
Outlined FontsFonts that have been outlined in the design software
4 Colour Black60%c, 50%m, 50%y, 100%k also called Super Black
Line ScreenResolution of a halftone (lines per Inch)
300 Line ScreenCMYKhub standard printing screen
175 Line ScreenIndustry standard printing screen
CTPComputer to Plate - Plate processing technology
Trim SizeFinished size of the print product
BleedExtra image or text that is outside of the trim area
Trim MarksCorner marks to indicate trim
FinishingAll processes that follow the sheets being printed
Imposition Layout of artwork on the printed sheet
Offset Printing method that transfers image on plate to the stock
ResolutionNumber of pixels in an image
RGBColours made from emitting light (Red, Green, Blue) - not suitable for printing
RIP Raster Image Processor - A device that converts digital files

Paper Stock Terms

GSM Grams per Square Metre (Measure of the Weight of Paper)
Bond Laser Stock
Uncoated No coating, similar to laser stock, absorbs more ink
Coated Surface coated for a smoother even finish
Gloss Shiny looking stock
Matt Flat looking stock
Satin Neutral looking stock
Laminated Plastic coating bonded to the printed stock Celloglaze - Same as Laminating
Varnish Ink or liquid based coating added to stock during printing
FSC Part recycled / part forest plantation paper


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